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I woke up and all I could see was darkness. I felt different, I couldn’t even see or feel myself nor my body. But somehow, I didn’t feel lonely. Actually, it seemed as if I was in a really crowded place. Suddenly, I saw the light, but it was the weirdest view, I could see everything but from the inside of an eye.

The lashes kept hugging in front of me in every blink, but I couldn’t control it, that wasn’t me, I was in somebody’s body. When the person finally stood up and went to the mirror, I could see him. I could see the world from a completely different perspective. It felt like starting over, as if I could rewrite my whole life again but, in this case, I was just part of the audience, a witness.

He started crying, closing his eyes, squeezing me while he held his cheeks with his hands. I started popping out of his eye, pouring down his face, but I couldn’t feel his sadness, which made me more confused. Running down his cheekbone, I saw myself between his fingers in the mirror. Just a single tear in his wrinkled face, me.

But just when I could see myself completely, he turned around, facing his undone bed. He let himself go and I started falling and falling, into the void of gravity that held his agony.




Autora: Beatriz Delgado Arroyo, alumna de 4º ESO del Colegio Privado Engage.

Trabajo realizado en el ámbito de la materia ‘Literature and Composition’, a propuesta de su profesora Sandra Hidalgo su profesora Sandra Hidalgo.